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Tulu is the most friendly place. It’s amazing to simply have your nails done to a color or cut to your hair or to getting a facial. The talent packed in to this salon/spa is mind blowing!

~ Valerie Emerson Ercolani

Tulu, Terra and her entire staff are experts in their field of beauty, and are just amazing. If anybody out there needs proof of this...go to Tulu. You will never be disappointed. The salon is so gorgeous and the staff are what you would expect in high end salons in New York City, London and Paris. You cannot top Tulu in my book. I would follow Terra anywhere in the world. She and her entire staff are the best you could find anywhere in the world!
-Sally Semple
Best haircut I’ve ever had. When I am in Maine this is where I go. They really listen to you and give you the best cut for the shape of your face!!!! Highly recommend
Karen Redman
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